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Indian and Korean Students explore AI Applications for Social Good

On August 3rd, 2022, students of Daedeok High School in Korea and Wisdom Valley Global School in India met for a Live Class via Zoom under the IVECA summer exchange program. After ten days of intensive work discovering the existent Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools in their countries and designing their own AI tools to serve humanity, students met for their Live Class where they presented their work/products, live.

Indian students explored AI applications in the field of education. Students introduced a number of AI tools that they use in their daily life such as Knowji, Altitude Learning and Carnegie learning. They explained the importance of using these tools in improving students’ learning by providing organised information and personalised learning resources or experiences.

One of the Korean student groups designed an Artificial Intelligence tool to ensure that food is distributed equally around the world. They started their plan by collecting data about the population that needs food from different countries to make sure all the needy will receive food donations on time. Korean students expect that this application will ensure fair distribution of food, decreasing poverty and also reducing trash.

Students were inspired by each others’ innovative ideas, and the value of the global exchange activities resonated through the principals' closing remarks from the two schools.

“Globalisation has become a way of living and it has become imperative to shed boundaries of nations and work on a single platform like IVECA, leading to emancipation of ideas, communication and of course execution.I can sense the enthusiasm and ownership which my students have for this programme. I have seen them growing into happy and responsible humans who are capable of making futuristic plans through their exposure to AI, a coveted field.

Thanks for being with us and giving us a learning experience which will last for long”, shared the principal of Wisdom Valley Global School.

The Vice President from Daedeok school also expressed: “We live on the other side of the world, geographically, we live too far away, but it is so amazing that we know each other's culture and carried out a common project together in such a virtual space”.



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