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IEGI and IVECA close Fall Semester at the Youth Peace Camp

On December 17, Incheon Metropolitan City Office of Education and East Asia Global Education Institute (IEGI) hosted a closing ceremony for the Fall Semester within the 2021 East Asia Youth Peace Camp. IVECA participated in the event as a collaborating partner organization.

The Peace Camp created an open environment for all students from IEGI and IVECA to reflect on the Fall Semester programs. IEGI students from China, Korea, Japan, and Russia made presentations and expressed gratitude to teachers and classmates for an engaging program. On behalf of their peers, IVECA students from China, Malaysia, and Argentina shared what they learned and experienced through the virtual exchange. Students commented about many highlights and affluent experiences they had, such as exploring cultural diversity, establishing friendship across the borders, and experiencing the fascinating process of learning about different countries’ traditions. All participants stressed how important it is to have intercultural dialogues in building peace among nations. They also realized how fluent they have become in intercultural communication.

Furthermore, the Peace Camp included traditional cultural performances that would empower peace among the participant countries. Everyone enjoyed watching traditional Chinese and Russian instrument performances, Argentinian folk dance, Japanese martial arts, and many others. From the words of Santa Ines School in Argentina, “We feel we have learned a lot regarding cultures, our world, and diversity. What’s more, we have enjoyed all IVECA live classes and getting to know all your students better. This meaningful virtual exchange is making the world a better place and their students, better citizens. It has been an honor. Thank you all.”



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