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Guided by Experts, Students Prepare for Global Virtual Roundtables

The IVECA Summer Camp is halfway to completion this weekend. After starting on July 5th, students have two weeks to complete their innovative projects to present at the Global Virtual Roundtable (GVR) Event. The GVR Event will take place on Friday July 16th led by expert moderators and feature presentations by panelists who are leaders in their fields.

The GVRs will cover two topics. The Course 1 GVR topic is “Promoting Scientific and Technological Soft Power of Water” led by moderator and founder of IVECA, Dr. Eunhee Jung. The panel will feature experts such as Dr. Hesham Elnakib, Ambassador Extraordinary of Egypt, and Dr. Alex Kotsakis, fellow scientist in NASA. The Course 2 GVR topic is “Scientific and Programmatic Innovation to Tackle Climate Change and Air Pollution” led by moderators Dr. Robert Swap, Associate Division Director for Mission Planning in the Earth Sciences at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, and Dr. Mariel Friberg, NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellow. The GVR panelists include entrepreneurs, scholars, and scientists who contribute to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). (The complete list of panelists can be found on the event brochure.)

Student projects are being developed in collaboration with IVECA student teams from around the world and the expert IVECA Summer Camp instructors. Student team projects for Course 1 will explore scientific and technological soft powers of their own nations. Projects will focus on solutions to water scarcity and quality in their own country that can be applied throughout the world. In Course 2, students will be addressing problems in the air quality of their nations and suggesting solutions for air quality issues and climate change in their countries that help to achieve the UN SDGs. (Read more about the themes of the IVECA Global Virtual Roundtables in the concept note of our brochure.)



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