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Growing As Citizens of the World: Students Address Water Challenges

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

In a world where access to clean water remains a pressing concern, IVECA continues to empower students by facilitating virtual exchanges that transcend borders. Ahead of the United Nations High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) later this month, the recent Live Classes between Korea, China, and Tunisia served as platforms for students to explore the theme of water access inequality and how we can work together to solve the issues many of us face.

During the Live Class between Korea and China, students delved into the water-related problems prevalent in their countries. Students engaged in in-depth research, investigating the quality, usage, and accessibility of water resources in their communities. They explored issues such as water pollution, scarcity, and the adverse effects on health and economic development. Korean students highlighted issues like radioactive substances, heavy metals, and water-use restrictions on companies while emphasizing the need for safe and clean water to ensure sustainable development. Chinese students echoed these concerns, addressing daily water usage, water pollution, and the shrinking of rivers and lakes due to human activities.

While the Live Class between China and Korea centered on discerning the water problems their communities face, students from Korea and Tunisia embarked on a mission to propose innovative solutions to water-related challenges. Inspired by the United Nations' sustainability efforts, they sought to make a tangible impact by creating cleaner water opportunities in their respective countries. With a focus on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) such as cleaner energy, innovation, job and economic growth, clean water, and a green environment, these young minds formulated proposals ranging from biological wastewater treatment technologies to water circulation systems powered by sunlight. Tunisia's students showcased initiatives like SunDrop, a nonprofit organization employing advanced technologies to combat increasing droughts, and AquaFlow, a rainwater collection and purification system for households and communities.

As IVECA continues to bridge the gap between students across the world, our shared mission aligns with the overarching goals of the United Nations HLPF, which is to tackle global issues through the full implementation of UN SDGs. By addressing water challenges, IVECA highlights the urgency and importance of SDG 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation) while promoting dialogue and understanding among young global citizens. Through their research, discussions, and proposed solutions, students exemplify the potential for collaborative action in creating a sustainable future.

The journey of these students, from exploring water issues to proposing innovative solutions, demonstrates the power of virtual exchanges in nurturing a sense of global citizenship. Their dedication to addressing water challenges underscores the interconnected nature of our world and the need for collective efforts to safeguard this vital resource. As the HLPF provides a platform to discuss and drive sustainable development, initiatives like IVECA amplify its message by empowering the younger generation to actively participate in finding solutions to global issues.

As one of the students from Korea put it, "Our meeting today will be the first step in our growth as citizens of the world." The Live Classes not only provided a transformative learning experience but also nurtured a sense of interconnectedness among students from different cultures and backgrounds. These remarkable exchanges reiterate the importance of education to shape global perspectives and ignite a passion for positive change.

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