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Global Teachers Collaborate to Plan Successful Live Classes

This semester, the IVECA program guided thirteen schools and the school teachers through their class activities. As the semester drew to a close, teachers met with their counterparts from another country to discuss the plan for the final Live Class presentations of their students. Also, in the collaborative conversations with the IVECA team, teachers suggested class objectives aimed toward achieving intercultural competence to guide the group projects and students’ discussion. The Test Sessions of Live Classes are all completed in advance to plan and ensure success and understanding during the Live Classes.

Teachers joined the Test Sessions virtually from across the globe, including Egypt, Guatemala, India, Korea, Morocco and the United States. Some teachers were joining the IVECA program for the first time, while others were welcomed back from participation in previous semesters. Teachers from all different backgrounds and with unique experiences from across the world contributed to these planning sessions in a creative and enthusiastic discourse with each other. The atmosphere of the Test Session is always one of anticipation and joy as partner teachers meet and plan the virtual meeting of their students.



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