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Global Summer Camp Teaches Public Diplomacy for Humanity

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

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During the second IVECA Global Virtual Summer Camp, student teams from India, Korea, and Malaysia have been working collaboratively with their distinguished IVECA instructor, His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Hesham Elnakib, to develop their course projects. The final projects will be presented at the third IVECA Global Virtual Roundtable (GVR) event on July 29, at 9pm (US Eastern Time). Students' projects have been focusing on benefiting humanity by promoting their countries’ unique soft powers and developing public diplomacy plans. Through the course meetings, Ambassador Dr. Elnakib has been creatively guiding students to identify and brand strengths of their scientific and cultural soft power using the tradition and culture of their countries.

The second Global Virtual Summer Camp this year, from July 19 to July 30, has brought together students and teachers from different backgrounds to share about themselves and their countries. Students have two weeks to meet with their instructor, while preparing their final projects for the GVR event on July 29. The GVR Event will discuss “Promoting Soft Power for Humanity.” Student teams will present about the soft powers of their nations and the strength and adaptability of those soft powers for contributing to humanity. For that, students have been learning strategies and techniques to brand and promote their soft powers to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).



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