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First Steps: Growing Together as Global Citizens

The IVECA Virtual Classroom is an online intercultural exchange platform where students around the world study topics ranging from science and technology, to social studies, languages, and the arts through an integrated curriculum with common learning objectives. One of the most exciting parts of the program is the “Live Class” where students meet “face to face” and communicate directly with their partners through IVECA’s online video platform. The interaction increases students motivation, help them think globally and develop their intercultural communicative competence.

On October 20th, Fletcher Elementary School (USA) and Ssangryu Elementary School (KOREA) held their first Live Class of the semester.  The session allowed the students to introduce themselves and begin getting to know one another as they prepare for their upcoming semester project. The students could not contain their excitement when seeing one another for the first time on screen. Ms. Underwood and Mr. Hong (lead teachers from each school) facilitated the Live Class discussion to enable the students to communicate effectively.

During the question and answer session, the students talked about a wide range of subjects with their partners, including culture, geographical characteristics, language, school schedules, lifestyles, and traditional food among others. Throughout the session, students shared what they have learned about differences and similarities between their respective cultures, socialized and celebrated their new global friendships.

We look forward to seeing these students continue to learn and grow together as the semester progresses.



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