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DHI students celebrate their 1st global virtual exchange project with Argentinian & Indian partners

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

On June 22, Daegu High School of International Studies (DHI) students from Korea had their first Live Class after DHI established a Global Partnership with IVECA by signing a Memorandum of Understanding earlier this year. Having the new initiative for the school, DHI teachers worked enthusiastically to arrange their classroom for the successful Live Class with their Argentinian and Indian IVECA partners.

This Live class came after three months of asynchronous collaborative work. Students from Korea and their partners from Argentina and India researched environmental issues in their countries and prepared their solutions to protect the natural environment of the global community as well as their country. Among the topics that interested Korean students were wildfires observed in many parts of the world, as it is also a serious environmental problem that occurs frequently especially in the eastern coast region of Korea.

Moreover, students were excited to learn about environmental problems from the partner countries. One Korean student shared, “It was a good opportunity to think about environmental problems that are common in our country and our partners' hard work to find solutions to them.” An Indian student said, “We were able to know about our country's environmental progress throughout the years thanks to IVECA and you all who made it possible.”

Celebrating the success of their first global virtual exchange, DHI principal expressed, “ Each school has shown their love and enthusiasm for their country and the protection of the environment in their country ... I believe that by working together we can learn and gain knowledge that will help us to be more internationally and environmentally minded people. Thank you for collaborating with us. I believe that together we can achieve and do more”.



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