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Celebrating International Day of Living Together in Peace

In 2017, the United Nations General Assembly declared May 16th as the International Day of Living Together in Peace. This day is an invitation for everyone to join the efforts to promote and practice tolerance, solidarity, respect, and living in harmony with our global family.

Every semester, IVECA welcomes students from all over the globe to partake in virtual exchanges where information, ideas and thoughts are shared. Students enjoy learning from their partner’s culture as well as sharing their own. Through these interactions, students practice understanding, empathy and respect; thus, proving these experiences, IVECA strives to contribute to making the world a better place to live together in harmony.

It is such a joy to see our students practice daily the beautiful beliefs that International Day of Living Together in Peace represents: So far this term, our students from around the world have already begun reflecting on their journey towards peace and understanding. “I’m happy to take part in this new experience as it allows me to get along with new people and share things with them,”one student writes. “I believe in being kind, empathetic, and respectful to others, no matter where they come from or what they believe.'’ another student shares. “As a global citizen, I believe in respecting other cultures and working together towards common goals,” a third student writes, perfectly reflecting not only IVECA’s goals but also that of the United Nations and the significance of this international day.

Today, IVECA joins in celebrating the International Day of Living Together in Peace. Let us all continue to listen to what others have to say, speak words of kindness, praise diversity, forgive and show compassion to others. Let us all live together in peace. 🕊️



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