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Brazilian and American Students Cut Across Language Boundaries

When one wants to learn a foreign language, one is often advised to go abroad to be in contact with native speakers and their culture. However, throughout this semester, students from Oswaldo Aranha Middle School and their IVECA’s partners from Sunderland Elementary School experienced this journey to multilingualism without actually leaving their classrooms in Esteio (Brazil) and Massachusetts (the US).

These students took on a bilingual trip together where they worked on engineering, geography and language projects. During their travel, they sometimes got some fuel via assisted auto-translation. This has facilitated them to achieve progress on the path of intercultural communication and to take part in a very positive experience, as reminded by Oswaldo Aranha English teacher (Miguel Antônio Machado). He believes this type of exchange is essential for his pupils as it gives them the opportunity to connect directly with students with a different mother tongue and a different cultural background as well.



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