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Artificial Intelligence for the Common Good

Have you ever considered using Artificial Intelligence A.I. for common issues in our life, such as health and self-development? What about using it to help save animals? Or perhaps using A.I. to control users' privacy? In other words, how can A.I. be used to promote the common good in global societies? Four High Schools engaged in the project: Butler Tech in the USA, Portão Tech in Brazil,Taekwang High and Jeonmin High in Korea, accepted this challenge and designed their own prototype plans based on A.I. and machine learning to promote the common good.

Students’ mission to design tools to make people's lives better started with in-depth research to understand the main implications that A.I. has in our lives. This endeavor was only possible by exchanging information and feedback on each others’ work through IVECA Virtual Classroom.

Students analyzed current A.I. applications in the United States, Korea, and Brazil, and counterbalanced the ethical issues related to privacy and the pros of having augmented reality in their countries. After learning areas that needed improvement in each country, students organized themselves to design tools to help overcome those issues. Young Kim and his group from Taekwang High, designed an A.I. tool to help teenagers who suffer from mental health. Amanda and her partner from Portão Tech created an app that helps to locate lost dogs in the cities of Brazil and find them a new family.

By analyzing the current uses of A.I. and identifying possible ways to implement augmented reality, students realized that people must maintain an analytical view of A.I. and its use. Sam Lairson and his group members from Butler Tech High School expressed their reasoning: "A.I. is a growing technology with many positive benefits but also some downsides. It's important that we take good care of A.I. because it is our future".



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