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Students from São Paulo and Gongju Explore Positive Actions for Climate Change

High school students from Monsenhor Sarrion in São Paulo, Brazil and Hanil High School in Gongju, Korea hosted their “Live Classes”, the culmination of the IVECA program on December 9th and 10th, 2019. The collaborative event allowed the participants to share their research about actions to counter climate change with positive actions.

After eight weeks of collaboration through IVECA Virtual Classroom, students from Gongju city, South Korea presented factors related to globalization and climate change while suggesting ways to adaptation such as using liquefied natural gas as an alternative fuel to reduce air pollution. According to their research, these connections are related to industrialization, urbanization, and tourism.

São Paulo students, in Brazil, shared their challenges, including the Amazon fire which has been covered by international media. The group described how the Amazon is vital for a healthy planet and why it plays a crucial role for the Planet. They also empathized the current condition indigenous people live and how protection of tribes is essential to the future.

The IVECA Live Class resulted in a vibrant and in-depth discussion about actions both countries can perform for solutions to reverse the situation. Congratulations to both Sarrion High School and Hanil High School for the dedication, research and and participation. Together, those schools developed intercultural communicative competence that will serve both in the future and help to become better global citizens!



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