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Sixth graders discuss life and geographical aspects of their countries

On June 3rd, smiles and cheers reflected virtually between sixth-grade classes from Colégio Americano Del Sur in Guatemala and Eunjin Elementary School in Korea. The students were filled with curiosity and enchantment as they met their partners for their first live class, after a two-month-long collaborative partnership provided by #IVECA International Virtual Schooling.

During this much anticipated live class, students presented their research on different types of geological formations in their countries and how these landforms influence people’s lives both economically and socially. This learning exchange that started asynchronously culminated in a deep discussion in which participants asked questions and analyzed similarities and differences among all the different ways of life in Guatemala and Korea.

Ms.O’Neal and Ms. Kim, social studies and homeroom teachers, were able to assess their students’ performance during the project in different ways including presentation skills, the subject content, inquire-base research and the development of intercultural competence. IVECA had been pleased to support these two schools and appreciate all participants who work with passion to transform a simple geography lesson into a life-changing experience.



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