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Private and Public Schools in Brazil Join IVECA!

Innovative educators from INSTITUIÇÃO EVANGÉLICA DE NOVO HAMBURGO schools in Brazil participated in IVECA’s Virtual Teacher Professional Development (IVECA-TPD) in May 6th. This semester, both private and public school from Brazil started IVECA program and they will work with elementary schools in Korea until mid July, 2015.

During the IVECA-TPD session, the teachers said,

“I want my students to learn to respect the differences among different cultures. I also want them to develop the intercultural competence and learn how to work in collaboration with one another……. I am excited about working in collaboration with other teachers from my school as well as teachers from the partner school. I am also excited about providing this opportunity for the students.” – Ms. Danielle B.

“I am very happy to have this opportunity of participating on Iveca Program. I think this will be a great chance to develop learning environments that will promote culture awareness, collaboration and foreign language learning. I expect to be able to provide students with as many ways of interaction and to broadly integrate curriculum areas  with the partner school. I’m looking forward to living this experience.”  – Ms. Janina M.

We look forward to working with these wonderful teachers for the students in Brazil!



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