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IVECA Summer Exchange Started With Excitement!

IVECA summer is full of opportunities this year! Alongside IVECA Summer Camp, guided by experts in the field of public diplomacy and STEAM, students are participating in IVECA Summer Exchange from July 20 ~ August 2. High school students and teachers from India and South Korea will collaborate to suggest positive uses of Artificial Intelligence for society.

Teachers from Wisdom Valley Global School in India joined IVECA's program for the first time, finding the program aligned with their educational emphasis on providing global exposure beyond school activity. On July 17, the Indian teachers had an orientation meeting with their Korean partner school. Through the discussion, the teachers were introduced to intercultural, technical, and pedagogical aspects in guiding their students for the Summer Exchange activities before starting their global educational journey together.

Students and teachers are excited about this opportunity. The Indian program coordinator shared, "Our students are avidly waiting for this program to start and have come up with lovely introductions (to introduce themselves to their partners from Korea)."



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