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International Students Build Meaningful Partnerships

The first Live Class of the IVECA Spring Semester was celebrated this week on Tuesday, May 25th, between Choongnam Girls’ High School in Korea and Butler Tech Ross High School in the United States. The students exuded enjoyment while sharing in each other’s cultures and presentations focused on community development projects. The principal from Korea, Ms. Myungok Ko, has been a dedicated leader providing global learning experiences for students in her city. Since her leadership enabled the city schools to take the intercultural journey with IVECA in 2013, her praise for the students' presentations added greater meaning to the successful Live Class between the two schools across the continents.

You finally have this exciting live class today! Congratulations on that! I’m told you have been on the common project of helping community people who suffer from the crisis of Covid 19. This project will be the meaningful action of helping, caring, and healing people in need. Sharing your ideas, you’ll build up a great partnership and global citizenship. I’m so proud of you..”, shared Ms. Myungok Ko during the Live Class.



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