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Future Technology for the People

It is obvious that technology plays an important role in people’s  lives everywhere in the world. Through technology, people today use a number of innovations that help better their lives,  such as artificial body parts and intelligent machines. However, who knows what technology will be uncovered in the future? What fields technology will change and in what way? These are some of the questions elementary school researchers tackled this past fall.

Little researchers from Sunderland and Barnard Elementary Schools in the USA and Boram Elementary School in Korea invested time and energy to examine future technologies. They believe cooperation between people and technology could result in amazing achievements. That is why they did their best to find out how technology can serve human rights, justice, and equality. In small groups, these students had 4 virtual meetings that took place in November and December, to present their findings to each other.  

“Today, we are talking about the Fourth Industrial Revolution as an extension of the Third Industrial Revolution” agreed all the little researchers. They presented their findings about the application of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in many fields and how to use this technology to make a better future for people. Making a home for everybody, helping sick people, improving education and revolutionizing transportation are amazing ideas that our researchers shared.

After presenting their findings, the US and Korean students discussed their presentations and gave feedback to each other. And yes, we always learn from sharing, they also could identify similarities and differences among the ways they have been thinking about future technology and how it could help people live in harmony.



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