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A Virtual Adventure Between a U.S. and South Korean Elementary School

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

In an era where technology has made the world a smaller place, two elementary school classes from opposite ends of the globe embarked on a thrilling virtual adventure by sharing each other's special places in their countries. On December 6th, the classrooms, one on the West Coast of the United States and the other nestled in central South Korea, came together for an enriching exchange that overcame the obstacle of distance. The journey began with the students introducing themselves live through video, each bubbling with excitement and curiosity. The U.S. students proudly showcased their classroom’s “Hello from California” banner, while the South Korean counterparts shared glimpses of their vibrant and bustling schools. 

One of the highlights of this virtual exchange was when both classes took turns presenting special places in their respective countries. With infectious enthusiasm, U.S. students shared the enchanting wonders of the Great Wolf Lodge, the historical Thomas Griswold House in Covina, the iconic In-n-Out Burger, and the heartwarming environment of their elementary school. A U.S. student shared, “I think Great Wolf Lodge is a fun and energetic place. It’s special because this place is really fun and it is a place I can enjoy with my family.” Meanwhile, the South Korean students transported their American friends from the thrilling rides of Lotte World to the sweet aromas of Seongsim Dang, a famous bakery in Daejeon, Korea. A Korean student shared, “I’m proud to have such a famous place in my city.” Continuing the virtual field trip around Korea, students described the mesmerizing underwater world of COEX Aquarium. The international partners felt proud to share their special places with IVECA friends.

As the virtual international exchange ended, the students on both ends of the connection felt a profound sense of camaraderie. After the presentations had finished, a U.S. student read aloud their farewell letter. “IVECA was really interesting and was more than I expected when I first joined! I really enjoy meeting new people from around the world and learning about their culture, but since I joined IVECA, learning about South Korea’s interesting culture, I’m actually happy that I finally got to know you…THANK YOU!!!” The world suddenly felt a little smaller, and the bonds of friendship created during this delightful exchange will leave an impact for a lifetime. In a world filled with possibilities, these young minds have proven that even the smallest gestures of connection can inspire joy capable of resonating across continents. The virtual journey between these two elementary schools serves as a testament to the power of education, curiosity, and the universal language of happiness.



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