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As the Fall Semester ends, students from all IVECA Virtual Classes start to prepare for the final event of the IVECA program - the Live Class. Traditionally, during the Live Class, students and teachers from two partner schools have a unique opportunity to meet virtually, in real-time, and exchange the results of their semester-long projects. Moreover, the Live Class includes “Student Performances” where all of the students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their talents and share their culture with their partners to celebrate the end of the semester.

To help teachers guide their students to prepare for the Live Class, IVECA is providing Test Sessions for the lead teachers and instructors. The method in which the partnering schools will be participating in the Live Class is thoroughly discussed during the test session. Students have been used to attending the Live Class from their classrooms. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the traditional format of participation. Consequently, some students have had to join the Live Class individually from their homes. As the pandemic situation around the world is becoming better managed, the fall semester Live Classes are expected to be conducted in different hybrid formats: classroom to classroom, classroom to individuals, and participants joining from their homes.

Apart from the participation method, other essential elements are discussed during the test session, such as the layout of the lesson plan for the Live Class, time allotment for presentations, and setting the deadlines for the coming weeks. So far, test sessions have been conducted with teachers from Argentina, Malaysia, the USA, and Korea. In line with extended collaboration with Incheon Metropolitan City Office of Education East Asia Global Education Institute (IEGI), a test session with international teachers will be conducted as part of the extended teachers’ training.

IVECA Team is looking forward to the coming test sessions and is ready to facilitate the Live Classes in any of the abovementioned formats.

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During the Fall Semester of 2021, IVECA has been collaborating extensively with Incheon Metropolitan City Office of Education East Asia Global Education Institute (IEGI). The partnership began in July 2021, when IEGI participated in their first IVECA Global Virtual Summer Camp with students from Malaysia and India. Prior to the Fall Semester, a group of eighteen teachers from IEGI completed their basic level of teacher training for participation in IVECA programs.

This fall, groups of students from fifteen schools in Incheon, Korea, have joined the IVECA program, including students from elementary school, middle school, and high school. Students from IEGI are partnered with schools from Argentina, China, and Malaysia. So far, the teachers have been guiding their students through their intercultural activities with the partner school, prior to preparing for the Live Class presentations later in the semester.

Following the Live Class presentations, IEGI will be hosting a ceremony highlighting the projects their students completed through the IVECA program. Over the winter break and upcoming year, this partnership will facilitate intercultural exchange activities further by planning to have IEGI teachers complete the intermediate level of IVECA training and engage their students in Global Winter Camp and Virtual Exchange programs.

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Updated: Oct 8

In September 2021, IVECA started its fall semester with students and teachers from multiple cities in Argentina, China, Korea, Malaysia and the USA. This fall semester has expanded IVECA’s ongoing mission to transform school education towards internationally connected virtual schooling, where any student around the world can have intercultural and global learning opportunities throughout their regular education system.

All levels of elementary, middle and high school students from more than ten schools in Incheon Metropolitan City, South Korea, began their IVECA intercultural virtual exchange activities through support from their City Office of Education. Expanding their participation from the spring semester, an Argentinian School from Pampa initiated using the IVECA program for their language subject classes of their whole secondary school students from 7th grade through 12th grade. A middle school from Florida also adopted internationalizing all their 8th-grade history classes through IVECA.

After Malaysian students’ first participation in IVECA’s Global Summer Camp, their high school in Betong decided to integrate their fall semester curriculum into IVECA’s globalized activities. It is also a great excitement to diversify IVECA’s topic areas by involving Acting and Dancing classes from South Korea and China.

Welcoming all the continuing and newly starting participants, IVECA looks forward to providing unique and meaningful experiences for global citizens of teachers and students.

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