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Students from India and Korea joined together in their first live class of the semester on the 28th of April. Elementary teachers prepared their young students to introduce themselves to international partners. Furthermore, students were able to ask each other questions to learn more about their new IVECA friends. Students took this opportunity to find similarities between their countries as well as recognize the difference in cultural traditions. This first Live Class experience allowed a face to face connection between schools before students begin their IVECA group projects.

As students joined the live virtual meeting room, each child patiently waited to see their partner's name on the screen. After all, students had only spoken with their partner over written text in IVECA’s virtual platform. When the session began, each student introduced themselves with excitement. They spoke enthusiastically to their IVECA friends while sharing something they enjoy every day. A Korean student introduced himself by sharing his hobbies, “Bug catching, Origami Folding, taking care of my pets: two turtles, a betta fish, and another betta fish I adopted yesterday!” Throughout the session, students found similarities between each other. Many value spending time outside in their communities' natural environment. Additionally, students could connect over their love of animals and share their passion for taking care of their pets.

Thrilled to interact with their partners, students curated questions to create discussion. A Korean student, unfamiliar with Indian customs, asked his partner, “Does your country have a tradition of eating food with your hands?” The Indian partner replied by sharing a tradition he feels proud of, “... yes, eating with our hands is a tradition for us Indians. We eat with our hands for many reasons. . . First reason is when we eat with our hands the brain gets a message that we are eating food then tells the stomach that we are going to eat something so the stomach is ready to digest. The second reason is that all our 5 fingers represent the 5 elements of nature. . . the final reason is that when you eat with your hand you can find out if the food is hot or cold. Because when you eat with a spoon you might not know it is hot and you might put it in your mouth and it’s burning. Thank you for listening!” The student’s tone of speech and facial expression reflected how proud he was of his country’s tradition. The effort of communication students displayed with their international counterparts fostered a meaningful connection between them as providing an opportunity to learn and respect differences in cultures.

These young IVECA participants began to create memories with their new IVECA friends. Their motivation to share about themselves and their lives helped them connect through common interest and appreciate cultural diversity while valuing their own traditions. As the IVECA program continues, students will learn further about what they can contribute to living together in harmony from these intercultural interactions.

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This semester, IVECA has welcomed numerous new teachers joining its virtual exchange program for the first time. Throughout the month of April, IVECA hosted introductory professional development sessions with a new group of teachers participating from China, India, Korea, Nepal, and Vietnam. The international teachers entered the program with open minds and ready to support students through their first virtual exchange, seeking to incorporate global education into their lessons.

Many teachers in Korea are joining IVECA through the Incheon Office of Education East Asia Global Education Insitute (IEGI). Originated from diverse home countries in Africa, America, and Europe, these IEGI teachers have gained the opportunity to teach in multiple schools in Korea. From their world perspective of education, they focus on important global topics such as Climate and Environment while improving students' foreign language proficiency. By having local teachers work with IEGI teachers, Korean schools provide students with multicultural teaching and learning environments.

Through professional development sessions, teachers were able to collaborate on the importance of being a global educator and how to foster global citizenship in their students. As IVECA emphasized 21st century education and how it can affect our teaching in the coming years, teachers shared what they want their students to learn throughout the program. An IEGI teacher commented, “I would love it if my students learned to think in a global way with their future choices in life. I would like them to think that no matter what they do, it affects various people in the world. They should be more aware of the bigger picture in life.”

During the professional development, teachers could align their educational philosophy with the goals of the IVECA program. In a conversation between new participants, a secondary teacher from China expressed, “I hope through this program my students can have a global outlook when learning skills and applying what they learn to work with others around the world. As a teacher, I would like to be a teacher who can help students to gain the ability, such as creativity and so on, to meet the future.” Other teachers from different countries responded, “I also hope my students enhance their cultural awareness!” and, “Very happy to meet you. I am very hopeful of great collaboration ahead and learn[ing] from each other. IVECA has given us the wonderful opportunity to connect.”


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On April 13, 2022, IVECA International Virtual Schooling celebrated the beginning of a new #partnership with Daegu High School of International Studies (DHI) located in Daegu, South Korea.

Representatives of Daegu High School of International Studies and IVECA International Virtual Schooling participated in a virtual ceremony to celebrate signing their Memorandum of Understanding. Principal Chaekyung Baek congratulated the ceremony stating, “Signing the memorandum of understanding will open the door for future collaborations as well as a commitment to working towards DHI and IVECA’s common goals.”

Established in March 2021, Daegu High School of International Studies aims to create #GlobalCitizens who will help advance and improve the world. Confirming IVECA’s mission to promote interculturally competent global citizens for a peaceful and sustainable world, both organizations exchanged mutual excitement for their collaborative journey towards #GlobalCitizenshipEducation. IVECA President Eunhee Jung expressed, “We look forward to extending our shared mission through this new partnership!”


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